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With the Dutch buyout last season bringing many changes to the makeup of San Antonio’s long standing Jewel Eden, It was certainly a game changer this year when Institutional brand Gatecrasher announced their new ownership & rebranding of this iconic space for the 2014 Season. Building even further on the vastly impressive refit from last year which saw respected nights Full ON Ferry, Judgement Fridays, Toolroom Knights, Garlands all hold court on the much talked about Void sound system, I went down to the club last week to the launch of their aptly titled Crasher night on Mondays to see what trance fans are letting themselves in for this summer!

With many clubs being very late on announcements overall this year, speculation was at fever pitch with many wondering just how much trance music (if any) there would actually be on the island this year, so I like many others were more than pleasantly surprised when with a just week to go, Crasher dropped their monster launch party lineup featuring the likes of Chicane, Tenishia, Lange & Andy Moor, Ben Gold, Jordan Suckley and many more.

Being an Eden regular myself since 2003, it’s incredible to see how far this San Antonio venue has come rivalling many of it’s leading island counterparts in terms of production, state of the art approach and monster Void sound system – a favourite by pretty much any DJ lucky enough to have graced the booth here. It’s now an exciting club to walk into with it’s subtle/classy lighting and although vast in size you really do also get an empowering sense of intimacy at the same time.

After navigating my way to the new rooftop smoking terrace I made haste to the main room where young Scottish rising star Calvin Logue was doing a fantastic Job warming up the main room with high hitting rolling prog numbers and setting the pace perfectly for 2014 Maltese Crasher residents Tenishia, who proceeded to raise the tempo with an arsenal of their own killer weaponry.

By this time the sunken bowl below the DJ & main body of the club was a heaving mass of bodies hungry for whatever was coming their way next, I may be wrong but there seemed to be no set times posted prior or around the club on the night which some found annoying but it seemed to add to the excitement even further on this occasion.

Incredible set’s came rolling in from Lange b2b Andy Moor, Chicane, Jordan Suckley and a set of the night from the ever-energetic Ben Gold who surprised all with a faster than usual affair and ripped it up with his enviable stage presence interacting well with the San Antonio clubbers!

Yes there were a few no shows apparently down to room two not being ready in time to host the whole mammoth lineup that was initially intended, this did very little to spoil people’s morale at the end of the night and it was smiles all round. Hopefully these teething problems can be quickly ironed out with JOC, Patterson, Orjan Nilsen, Protoculture, Neelix plus a whole plethora of respected names penned in over the season, Mondays in San Antonio for trance fans are looking very good indeed!

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Words: Nick Coles