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5 Important Tips for the Travelling Vaper

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Regular vapers will want to take their e-cigs with them when they travel so they can enjoy vaping in various exotic locations. Before you pack up your kit and go, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. What are the rules and regulations around vaping where you plan to go? And will you have access to your favourite brand, such as Blackhawx, or will you have to use the local varieties? Here are five important things a vaper should consider when planning his or her itinerary.

Check if it’s Legal

The rules and regulations around vaping are not universal. Check out the specific legal situation in the countries you plan to visit before you arrive. If you’re travelling across Europe, you’ll find some countries where e-cigs are legal (the United Kingdom), legal only if nicotine-free (Hungary), or outlawed (Turkey). Be mindful that the rules can often change from state to state within the same country – this is the case in Australia and the US.

Check what you can take

There’s a difference between what’s legal to purchase and what’s legal to take in. Some countries have limits on the amount of e-cig cartridges or e-liquid an individual can legally bring into the country. In a lot of places, like Australia and Finland, the limit is a three months’ supply. But you’ll have to do the research to find out what the authorities qualify as a three month supply!

Don’t Hide Away

This specifically applies to security checks in airports. Most airports and airlines are okay with e-cigs being in carry-on luggage (again, it’s best to check though) but they won’t be supportive of e-cigs that are hidden or disguised, as they might wonder what else you have to hide. Be open with the security personnel and advise them that you have an e-cig kit in your luggage. This will avoid any confusion.

Take Enough Supplies

If you love to vape, your trip will be ruined if you run out of cartridges or e-liquid on the go. Make sure you have enough supplies (within that country’s legal limits) or have the opportunity to purchase more. If you can’t purchase in person, consider ordering online and having the product shipped to your hotel. It’s best to find a brand that offers guaranteed shipping times so it doesn’t arrive after you leave.

Be Polite

Not everyone is aware of the value in vaping. Some might be worried about harmful chemicals in the vapor (don’t worry, there are almost none). Others might still confuse it with smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. When you’re in another country and another culture, it’s always best to be aware of the expectations and dispositions of the local people. Your e-cig might be legal, but it might not be accepted. Be mindful before you vape – have you seen others doing it? Is traditional smoking accepted here? Have you seen anyone else vaping inside? Look online for local vaping communities and read through their forums so you know what to expect.

Travel is a lot like vaping in many ways. It’s a new experience that is exciting and broadens the mind. Just check the rules, the expectations and the available supply before you leave and you’ll have a fantastic time vaping around the world.

  • Lucille J. May

    Vaping while you drive is fine, but as you should when eating, drinking, changing a radio station, or anything else when you’re driving – it’s important to exercise caution. If your e-cig is charged, loaded with e-liquid and ready to go, it’s safe to vape when driving than smoke.


  • Andrew Jones

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