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5 Natural Makeup Tips: Look Your Best While Looking Like Yourself

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Not everyone wants to look like they’re all dolled up on the Red Carpet. You may want to have a more natural look that you can wear every day — something so subtle that it looks like you’re gorgeous without trying. The following tips will help you look your best while looking like yourself.

Preparation Is Key
If it’s possible, apply your makeup in natural light. If it’s dark outside or you’re using florescent lighting, you might overdo it without realizing it. To get your makeup to go on clean, start with a fresh palette. Wash your face, gently exfoliate and then dry off before you start applying. Your makeup adheres to your skin better if you moisturize. Real Simple advises using a tinted moisturizer since it’s sheer. Go a shade deeper if you want to make your skin appear warmer.

Apply Concealer
Before you apply any foundation, use some concealer to cover up any problem areas, such as pimples, scars or dark circles under the eyes. There are a variety of types of concealers that focus on different problems, including wrinkles, sun protection, oily skin and shininess. For example, Amway’s Artistry Youth Xtend helps your skin look younger without needing a lot of product.

Choose Your Main Colors
If you want your skin tone to appear warmer, use a bright blush color. But don’t go so bright that it doesn’t match your natural skin color. A warm peach or pink color gives the skin a nice flush. To make your blush application look natural, Glamour recommends using a big, dome-shaped brush to spread the color and then blending the edges with a sponge.

For your eye shadow, stick to one that matches your skin color to help naturally define your eyes. If you want it to stand out a bit more, use one shade darker than your natural skin tone.

Using a lip gloss or stick color that’s the same shade as your natural lip color. To avoid getting color that’s too heavy, dab on the lipstick with your finger instead of applying it directly.

Decide How Much Definition You Want
How much definition you want determines how much eyeliner you should apply. If you want a toned-down look, skip this step altogether. For a subtle look, just do just your top lash line. Wiggle your pencil between your eyelashes to help them look thicker, and then use a small chiseled brush to smudge the line and make it look softer. Remember that it’s best to start light and get darker until you reach the amount of definition you desire.

Put on Mascara
Mascara is essential, even for the truly makeup averse. It effortlessly makes your eyes look bigger in no time. If you are using a new tube of mascara, wipe off any excess from the brush to help prevent clumps, also try turning your brush vertically to make it look more natural.