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How Music Can Help to Prepare You for Your Driving Test

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If you are due to take either your driving theory or practical test soon, suffering from nerves is pretty normal. Passing these tests is crucial and there is often a lot riding on it, especially if you’ve got a car waiting for you to start driving at home. Not only that, but driving lessons certainly don’t come cheap, and many learner drivers want to pass their tests first time in order to make sure that they don’t need to pay any extra money when it comes to learning to drive. However, nerves and anxiety can easily get in the way, and many learner drivers who’ve been passing mock tests with flying colours lose their confidence on the day and make silly mistakes because of nerves. Music is a great way to calm your pre-test nerves, and here’s why…

Relaxing Effect

Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on both our minds and bodies, with slow music being one of the most effective genres. However, it doesn’t really matter which genre of music you’re listening to – if you’re enjoying it, it can still help to boost your mood and minimise any anxiety that you might be feeling. However, if you really want to chill out, slow R&B music or even classical music could have the best effect thanks to the fact that it helps to slow down the pulse and heart rate and lowers your blood pressure.


Listening to music of any kind can also help to provide a useful distraction from whatever it is that is stressing you out. It can also help you to get more in touch with your positive emotions, making it a great aid for meditation and help to prevent the mind from wandering. Musical preference does vary greatly between individuals, so only you can really decide the type of music which you like and what is going to help with your current mood. However, even if slow and classical music isn’t your style, it’s still worth trying to give it a listen as it’s the most effective for calming and anxiety reducing properties.

Increase Productivity

When you’re feeling stressed out, you might wonder why there is much point in listening to music, especially if you feel like you should be getting something done. However, music can actually help to calm you and increase your productivity. So put on some of your favourite tunes while answering theory test practice questions on TopTests.co.uk. Being stressed can cause you to become distracted and not think clearly, which is why practicing when you’re stressing out could cause your stress levels to mount up even higher and produce a domino effect.

Singing along to music is also a fantastic way to release stress and tension – so if you’re feeling nervous about your upcoming test for driving or theory, put on some of your favourite tunes and sing along – you’ll be feeling better in no time!