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Join Surfers Against Sewage, in association with The Crown Estate and the Greggs Foundation, as over 4,500 volunteers will all come together across 200 beaches during the 24th-30th of October.

If the dolphins and marine life could sing like Rhianna, we think they would sing ‘SAS please someone hep me, this sea’s unhealthy!’ An estimated weight of 269,000 tonnes of rubbish maybe floating in the Ocean and recent studies show that there are well over 3,000 items of litter per KM of UK beach!!!! That’s an astronomical amount of litter destroying natures offers, for wildlife, the economy and for our health.

Sadly year after year some people still continue to be lazy and leave their rubbish behind. At least we can minimise the damage by rallying together and making a positive change that can benefit us all, by taking part in this big clean up. Though this we can challenge behaviors by engaging with local communities and empowering the people with knowledge of the impact  this level of waste can have upon our environment, in the hope that one day there will be no need to hold A Beach Cleaning Event.

You can get involved by putting together a team of friends or work colleagues, or get involved and in touch as a solo volunteer and register for your beach clean here: beachcleans@sas.org.uk or call 01872 553001. Marine litter is threatening to overwhelm our beaches and harm defenseless wildlife but YOU really can make a difference!

Alternatively, check sas.org.uk for more details