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In the nocturnal depths of  Helston, Cornwall on Saturday October 29 you can find a door to another world that only opens once a year. As you step from Los Flambardos through the porthole, be prepared to scream and shout and get your skankin’ feet on as you enter the haunted plane that hides within Coney Island’s Amusement Park in New York.

If you go down to the ball tonight you’re in for a great big fright. For freaks and geeks and acts unique, welcome you into their world, with frights to delight and scare you they might as this crazy evening unfurls. Remember to dress to impress for this Halloween ball, as you party with the scariest of them all.

Imagine taking a short cut through the back routes at a festival and finding yourself in an episode of American Horror’s Freak show! Then becoming spun in the disco diner’s dazzling mirror ball lights in an 80’s throw back surrounded by stranger things than you’ve ever witnessed before. Just as you hope you’re eyes are wide shut, the familiar sound of the music you love makes everything cool in the gang again.

You’re not quite sure but the vampire offering you his Hospitality reminds you of Danny Byrd and Metrix. After he tries to bite your neck, you decide to you’ve had enough of his ill behaviour and become Camo and Krooked, line and sinkered in this crazy ballroom and you make a swift exit. With your ears guiding you past the Drums of Death and ghost cultures, through the Hot Chip floor, down the Dixen Avenue and out the other side of the haunted Basement jams into the big wheels of steel.

Once Yoda and Chewbocawoody have given you their words of advice you feel ready to brave the asylum. You know only the strongest of minds make it though to the other side. They warn of how you can really lose people in that sound system. But you’re a sneaky nut, who soldiers on through the simmering robot Technodrome.

Finally you grow some fangs and scream loud love as you dance like you’re the king of the swingers before being crowned one of The Warriors and rewarded with a mix from Sir Vinyl himself. You tackled this crazy immersive fight club of freaks here at this trifle gathering and get the key to leave the demon drome. This was an experience to add to the bubleology of balls to remember. Make sure you’re in fancy dress though or they will think you weren’t invited and try and trap you there forever in their bank of twisted un-welcomed souls.

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