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Ground-breaking composer and Flamenco guitarist Esteban Antonio is playing at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth this month to celebrate the launch of his awesome new three-necked, 17 string guitar.
Dubbed as one of the greatest guitarists of our century by the music press, Antonio found the standard guitar was just not enough for him and decided to create his own 17 string, three necked instrument. What’s more, said instrument (called Ha Shem) was built in Cornwall by Christopher Wood.
The Ha Shem is hailed as the first ever Grand Concert Classical Harp Guitar.
“The Ha Shem doesn’t sound like a guitar, even though it is two 11 string guitars together; it is not a harp but it’s more like a harp than a guitar,” said a spokesman for Antonio. “The unique sound of the Ha Shem together with the use of the bow creates yet another dimension to the overall sound which is a completely new departure in the evolution of sound, harmonies + composition – this is the classical guitar of the 21st Century!”
Antonio, an awe-inspiring composer, will be showcasing material from his new album, Awenyow, at the Princess Pavilion in Falmouth on July 17.
Tickers £10 and doors open at 8pm. Martin Bowie is supporting.
To book please call 01326 211222.
To see a video of the Ha Shem please click here.

  • stephen

    The guitar in the picture, the original Ha Shem was made by the Luthier Stephen Hill, currently working in Spain , not Chris Wood as has been written in this article.