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Relentless NASS Festival is buzzing with excitement and energy from the moment you walk in through the gates. In front there are talented skaters terrifyingly plunging themselves down the 8 meter roll in leading into Europe’s biggest vert ramp for that adrenaline rush they’ve come here looking for. There are stalls lining the edges of the festival selling famous brands for a fraction of the price as well as home made items. Inside the Pro Street Course you can see some of the worlds best aspiring BMXers at practice. The atmosphere is chilled and with a comical commentator blaring out over the speakers giving the skilful riders the support, there doesn’t seem to be anything they can’t do!
The Relentless Energy Mountain bike show combined both drama and excitement. Guests were thrilled to see Martyn Ashton, four time British MTB Trials Champion, break the world record for bunny hopping over a bar 110cm high! With his daring acts and unimaginable skills this was definitely a show not to miss!
The main stage hosted a variety of great bands all of whom performed to an overly excited crowd. These included: The Skints, Hadouken, Bowling For Soup, Tinie Tempah, Plan B and Chase And Status to name but a few. All in all a festival everyone must try at least once.

Words: Laura Clarke
Photos: Jake horn