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Ever heard of Hackey Hipster Hate? Thought not.
If you live in the South West or Wales, chances are you’ve been tempted by the big smoke with its bright lights, career ops and style icons.
With certain areas attracting the hip young folk looking to make their mark its easy to walk straight into a purpose built community – a place where 20-somethings from across the country congregate with like minded folk until its time to head back out to the sticks and settle down. In the 90s it was Camden and in the noughties, it was Shoreditch and now (possibly due to rent increases) it’s moved much further out East to Hackney.
However, before you take the plunge you may want to check out the Hackney Hipster Hate blog which takes a look at the downright ridiculous lengths some people go to in the name of fashion.
It’s one thing donning skinny jeans, cowboy boots and a torn rock tee but the concoctions some fashionistas come up with in order to fit in with their peers is beyond belief. OK, so big specs may be in at the moment but seriously, if you don’t actually need glasses – what is the point? And they whole Bat for Lashes esque headband, come on it does little more than mess up your hair!
But it’s not just clothes and accessories, no siree, it’s a whole lifestyle choice. Drinking herbal tea in London Fields, taking out a loan in order to buy your weekly foodshop from the twee Broadway Market or reading pretentious literature bought from one of the oldy worldy bookshops in the hopes that people will think you’re more intellectual than you actually are.
Have a good old look at the annuls of Hackney Hipster Hate, which is currently gaining momentum on Twitter and Facebook, with a Hackney Hipster Hate group recently set up.
It’s basically some guy papping Hackney Hipsters, adding some hilarious speech bubbles and commentary and unashamedly mocking a whole generation.
You have been warned! Seriously, you’re probably much better off staying where you are. Big up to the South West and Wales.

  • Vex

    Just a quicky… SHOREDITCH IS IN HACKNEY!!!!