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Imagine a sunny day if you will, you are in your car with the windows down, a cool breeze washing across your face and your fingers tapping on the steering wheel as you take a road trip through some of the beautiful Welsh country side. But what would you have blasting out from your speakers that will be the perfect icing on the cake for this wonderful experience? Perhaps you should look no further then putting the latest music from The Dalizers on your cars MP3 player. Whilst they have all the elements that one comes to expect from a live music band, there is also this really amazing feel good sensation that comes out from their music. You find yourself tapping away to their perfectly balanced tones, a large grin on your face as their music reminds you of all the good things in life. I’ve had the personal pleasure of hearing this band three times live now. The first time I was serving behind the bar in the Garage (Uplands, Swansea) and the second time whilst adjudicating the Garage Band War in January 2011, an event the band came runners up in, a huge achievement considering they were from outside of the area. The third time I caught them as a normal member of the audience in the Mason’s Arms in Llanelli. Well, I say a normal member of the audience, but what I really mean is that I made a specific point of traveling up to the gig (and managing to get lost between the station and the venue in the process but I still made it in time) to see them live as a fan. Whilst I’ve made the point that this band’s music makes fantastic driving music, don’t make the mistake that this band should be limited to studio recordings alone and reserved for those days out on the road. This is a band that performs well live, with a real stage presence that says, ‘hey, this is us and we’re going to have a good time.’ Their style and energy leaves me with the vision that this band in a few years times will be playing at one of the large summer festivals to an audience of thousands of mud caked admirers who will hang on to every balanced note and singing along to Rob, the lead singer’s, great vocals. In the mean time though take every opportunity you can to see these guys live as they continue to gig across South Wales. Promoted by their lovely manageress (who I’m informed goes by the name of Jeff), they are a down to earth group who are as easy to work with on a professional level as their music is upon the ears. A Dalizer experience is not a experience to be passed up on, a real joy to witness and listen to both live and recorded. There is some real balls that goes into their songs and you’ll find yourself humming or singing the tunes for days after seeing them. Look out also for their EP ‘Dirty Meat’ which will be released soon and you never know, I might well see you at one of their gigs as despite coming across numerous bands, this is one of those few that I have made a point to keep an eye on as one of my personal favourites.
More info at www.myspace.com/thedalizers

Words: SP Draken
Photo: Bob Norris