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This week, Bristol’s Showcase Cinema de Lux at Cabot Circus takes film to the next level as it goes ‘fully digital’. The new cinema experience is groundbreaking, positioning itself in innovative cinema viewing as the first digital cinema in Bristol. After the installation of Sony Professional digital cinema 4k projection systems, the Showcase shows the best clarity of projection in the world. Offering this level of detail and clarity enhances to viewers’ cinema experience meaning it more comfortable using easy-on-the-eye technology. In 3D films the new technology synchronises the vision to the screen impeccably and provides another level of depth perception, which makes the viewer feel a part of the action like never before. Karen Fox, General Manager of UK Theatres for Showcase says, “Most other digital cinema projectors are only 2k, but Sony 4k is dramatically different, with four times the pixel count, delivering better picture clarity, resolution and quality for a more compelling and entertaining cinema experience. This means cinema goers get a level of detail that they’ve never experienced before, greatly enhancing their enjoyment of a fast action-packed film or a big scale epic adventure.” By the end of 2011, all 276 Showcase screens across the country will follow trend and become digital.