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Tiny Dragons, a three piece indie-funk band from Brighton, took a few minutes after their set at Mr. Wolfs this month to talk to 247 Magazine contributor Albert Testani about their new EP, the bands history and where they’re going…

First off, what’s the Tiny Dragon origin story? How did you guys come about?
Lizzi – We formed at Brighton Institute of Modern Music about two and a half years ago, but started off as a four-piece Funk band called Deadbeats. The bassist was dropped and I became the bass player as well.
Jim – We’re totally DIY at the moment as well, playing tons of gigs.

After listening to your set, it’s obvious you guys draw from a lot of different influences, what would you say are your main ones?
Jim – Our main influence as a band are punk and dance, old school rock, like Led Zeppelin, Our influences are so different between us that we just try to create an alternative sound.
Lizzi – We’re basically influenced by what we grew up listening to. It sounds cheesy, but we want to get people up and grooving, dancing and having a good time

How do incorporate dance or electronic music into your own style as a three piece?
Jim – It’s like a good mixing of steady drum beats steady, no over playing, straight forwards grooves, intricate guitar and bass playing. Our singer is unbelievable she can play crazy bass lines and still hold these notes that you can’t believe sometimes.

Your second EP has just come out, how has your sound evolved since the start of the band?
Jim – From the first EP we weren’t really sure what we wanted to be. It has a very broad range of styles in each of the 4 songs. The songs on the new EP are much more focused and come together, especially in the live set. Going as a band, a year and four months, it’s still a difficult thing to do, to narrow down describing the sound. We’re still trying to figure it out.
Lizzie – We grew up. We grew as a band and grew in age. I think that it takes a band about 5 ears to really find its sound and we’re only two. There’s a lot of work to be done, but we’re getting there. We haven’t peaked just yet

In a few words, what is you new EP all about?
Jim – Fun, fast and some other word that I can’t think of beginning with F.
Lizzie – It’s what happens when a band that lives together for a year creates something that they feel is a little more contemporary than what’s out at the moment. It’s a bit spacy, a bit bass-y and a bit groovin’.