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Friday 22nd November saw Bristol’s Trinity Centre’s roof being raised in thanks and generally raucous praise as Babylon Underground and Worldshift Media brought their combined consciousness to the church of dub with The Hanging Gardens of Trinity.

While the Hanging Gardens of Nineveh were a wonder of the ancient Persian world this night should go down in legend for its unique combination of bad ass reggae, dub and drum and bass fusion originality.

First off it was the turn of General Mischief to bring the irie vibes alive backed by Kev The Poet and Ninja Craig MC’ing their niceness to a dance floor massive eager to show their appreciation for a dubber world in all its peace an love possibilities.

With co-conspirators Gaudi and Danny Ladwa eager to add to the flow the ante was soon upped to pulsating. Tune after tune set the night on fire with bassline riddim fit to stir your dancing feet. Showing their technical wizardry off to electric effect the pair soon had every hand in the air as the crowd surged to their shimmering beats.

As the cold night air outside was warmed by the fires of the Gutterstars Collective, old school dub dadda legends Zion Train took to the stage complete with a troupe of pagan dancing girls and took the rest of the night by sweat filled storm. Groove after pounding reggae groove proved just why they have been a firm favourite for so many years leaving just about everybody in the place chanting for more.

Look out for more adventures from the Worldshift/Babylon alliance soon as they plan to take their co-operative vision out into the future with core values of common unity, sustainable diversity and raucous decadence out into a field or club near you soon…

Words and Photos: Matthew Smith