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Tommy-Hilfiger-Spring-2014-Ad-Campaign-1 New year, new style – there’s never a better time to re-invent your signature look. As you’d expect, 2014 will see many fresh new trends – some pushing the boundaries, others revamping common pieces and classic looks that may have been left to gather dust at the back of the wardrobe. Bold prints, unique cuts and timeless fashion are the name of the game. Here’s our pick of ones to look out for…

1. Sophisticated Hippy
Long a staple in women’s wardrobes, in 2014 floral is making a break for men’s fashion. A bright floral shirt under a fitted casual jacket, trousers and slicked hair (check out uppercutdeluxeshop.co.uk for the perfect do) or a bold statement button-up with jeans and sneakers oozes the laid-back yet sophisticated look. There are loads of muted floral prints to choose from as well for the more conservative.

2. Shorts Suits
Pharrell Williams caused a stir at the 2014 Oscars when he forfeited full-leg trousers for shorts with a tux. Thankfully for those who slave away in trousers at formal casual events, shorts have now found their way into fashion’s elite. Shorts suits come in all the stock-standard colours – grey, black, navy blue, or if you’re feeling daring mix and match. A navy blue jacket with tan shorts paired with a styled centre part is perfect for any smart casual occasion, and can be teamed up with sneakers for daywear. Shorts suits are the answer to practical sophistication.


3. Don’t Mess With Me
Ray Bans, a striped bomber jacket, skinny jeans and loafers in unblemished black and white. Not quite T-bird territory, but certainly exudes more class than your average biker. This is a classic look that keeps finding its way back into the best trends of the year – it’s a look that has such tangible personality that it’s become iconic. Add a splash of red for extra oomph.

4. I’m On A Boat
For a fresh, breezy look, it’s hard to go by timeless nautical. Even if you don’t have a boat, this doesn’t mean you can’t dress like the picture-perfect elite who have their own 45-footers. Boat shoes are a staple, available in all different colours, as are stripes, cardigans, shorts and fisherman’s jackets. Bold colours like vivid yellow, red and blue ensure your next faux-seafaring adventure doesn’t go unnoticed. You can even accessories with neck handkerchiefs.

5. Too Cool
This is a tried and tested must-have in anyone’s wardrobe, but 2014 will see the denim jacket re-invent itself into more than just day wear. Designer denim jackets are popping up all over the place, in every colour. Tousled hair, crisp jeans and a vivid white jacket can complete this look – reminiscent of a sophisticated rock star.

6. Word Up
Bursting with street flavour and sportswear styling, it comes as no surprise to see logo tees and shouty slogans hitting the mainstream. Word to the wise: leave head-to-toe lettering to billboards and body art; a single, subtle message whispers good taste now.

7. Expose yourself
Exposed midriffs have been in vogue for several seasons now, and spring/summer 2014 sees the trend explode. The absolute rule: matching top and bottom halves takes the look beyond mere lingerie. “Elegant for evening or playful with matching shorts for summer days, never has there been a more attractive incentive to hit the gym than this summer’s diverse offering of crop tops,” says Vogue’s fashion editor Francesca Burns.


8. Get Sporty
The athletic trend comes brimming with old-school attitude for 2014. Hi-tech fabrics and sports mesh are the name of the game but work with an old-school approach to styling. Look for classic touches – plimsolls, racer backs, gym shorts, go-faster stripes – to capture that sports-day spirit.

2014 will prove to be an good year in fashion with many casual trends being re-visited. It’s also about providing a fresh take on well-worn pieces in your wardrobe. While some of the more drastic cuts aren’t for everyone, it’s certainly interesting to watch fashion push the boundaries of what is considered the norm.

What’s been your favourite look of 2014 so far? Leave a comment below you to share your thoughts and opinions.