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OOH-Flyer-Pack-Mix-017-Dance-Off-SounsystemSome say that ‘Dance-Off Soundsystem’ was born from an idea, whilst others say that it is the bastard child of the UK’s weirdest clubs and festivals. Some even think that it was conceived by the Norse goddess Freyja from drops of the molten core of the Earth then set to roam the astral plains for millennia until it returned to plague the Earth with offensive rap music. There are even rumours that the Illuminati are behind the whole thing and seek to use it as a distraction whilst they initiate a new World order and take control of all the biscuits.
But the truth is, the D.O.S.S. was born out of necessity. In a recent interview conducted by himself in a damp cardboard box on the bank of the Thames, MC Gobblejob was asked what question the general public asked him the most if they were stupid enough to get near to him during dance-off competitions.
“Two things”, he said scratching himself enthusiastically. “They ask if they can have a job, and they ask where we get our music”.
After tricking their way to popularity, the Dance-Off stage found that they had a problem. People liked them too much, and as confusing as this was they were also being plagued with requests to come and perform by people who either did not have the space for their iconic boxing ring or had mistyped ‘Madonna’ whilst making last minute bookings for their annual barge party.
“But author, how could that possibly be a problem?” I hear you ask. “Surely the dream of every small business owner is to increase awareness of his or her product there-by increasing demand and inevitably expanding their capitalist venture ultimately achieving financial security for generations to come”, I hear you muse. The Dance-Off crew are many things dear reader (strange, brash, slippery when wet etc.), but they are not dishonest. To them, it seemed like a cheap trick to advertise as the Dance-Off then come the night wheel out a row of dilapidated DJs and MCs in different hats instead of the much-anticipated boxing-arena of funky styles. That kind of thing risks making a punter melancholy, which would in turn cause The Dance-Off crew to reassess their lives and take up knitting.
What the Dance-Off needed was a splinter cell, a core crew of a few who were willing to pack lightly enough to slide in and out of party scenarios quicker than a greasy ninja on a scooter but devastatingly talented enough to leave the people in their wake saying “Good lord, I think I’m pregnant”.
And so: the Dance-Off Soundsystem was born; ready to fight the evil in the World, righting wrongs wherever they roam, saying whatever comes into their heads, willing to do things and people that others won’t do, making you laugh so much that you might just puke a limb, promising to learn to rap but never getting round to it, playing music so profound that it would have made Mozart smash up his piano and take up garden bowls, discovering new planetary systems, embarrassing foreign diplomats with their astounding knowledge of global-economical politics and superior costume changes, pushing anyone better looking than them over in the street, pretending to ignore the haters than crying secretly into their diaries later, pushing the boundaries of acceptability and generally acting as distastefully as they possibly can.
You, are, welcome.

Check out the mix they have done for us below:

Out of Hand Flyer Pack Mix 017 – Dance-Off Soundsystem by Outofhand on Mixcloud

Download the mix for free HERE

STOP THE PRESS! The Dance-Off Soundsystem have literally just been signed to the mighty Deekline’s Hot Cakes artist agency, for more info please follow the links below:


1 Utah Jazz – January Silence
2 Mikal – Just Disappears
3 Break – They’re Wrong (Calibre remix)
4 Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Lynx edit)
5 DJ Marky & Ben Westbeech – Shame
6 Lenzman – Move & Focus
7 Flowrian & Pulsaar – The way it is
8 J:Logic – Scattin
9 Logistics – Last years loss
10 Command Strange & Intelligent – Groover
11 Lenzman – Ever so slightly
12 Basher & Xtrah – Reflections
13 Savage Rehab – Chameleon
14 S.P.Y – Detroit
15 Cyantific – Hard Times
16 Friction ft. Fourward & Jakes – Battle Scars
17 Duoscience – Lunar
18 Ed Solo & Deekline – Sensi
19 Die & Clipz – Work it out
20 Myselor – Forest Guide
21 Bounty Killer – War Bridge (Rasterlin Remix)
22 Renegade – Terrorist
23 Jeopardize – Liberation Dub
24 Serial Killaz & Run Tingz Cru – Save mi life ft. Yt
25 Noisia – Crank
26 Break – Love so true (VIP)
27 Teddy Killers – Big Blow
28 4Corners Crew – More than ever (Ricky Tuff remix)
29 Break – Steam Train
30 Frankee – Flintstone
31 Decimal Bass & Konichi – Com Mon
32 Sunny Crimea – Hide with me
33 Friction – Overtime
34 Bcee – Back to the street ft. Philippa Hanna