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Last year we looked at fashion ideas for 2014, but as style can’t sit still for too long, it’s time again to gaze into the crystal ball of chic and have a look at what’s ahead.…


Already starting to be seen on some runways across the world, it seems only natural that these eye-catching and vibrant accessories be incorporated into hats, jackets and even shoes. Although these are purely aesthetic, keep in mind, don’t try to fly away with these feathers…


Striped T-shirts

Much like the piece that fashion retailer Peter Hahn wrote in their blog on new spring 2015 fashion trends, horizontal shirts and nautical themes are already starting to come back in a massive way, although 2015 will see those beautiful symmetrical lines explode and become even more popular.


The Wild West may have had dangerous gunslingers and rowdy bar fights, but they could sure dress to impress. Brown leather jackets with fringes are due a return; however it’s likely that the leather strips will be additionally seen on handbags and also gloves. Stick ups and shootouts are things that no one will miss, however, yes please to fringes, cowboy hats and ponchos.

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We’ve already seen some aspects of 70s fashion in today’s modern society, so the big reappearance of tie-dye T-shirts will check off another box. The vibrancy and unpredictably, not to mention the alternative DIY aspect, is something wearers of the shirts will absolutely love and add some much needed colour to the city streets.

Tennis wear

Another bit of retro throwback that is likely to come into resurgence, particularly in the hotter days, is the cool and helpful headbands. Wrist sweatbands will most likely make an appearance as well, the classic red, white and blue style spreading like wildfire.

Team Headband