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One of the most promising new indie acts in the UK, Revere, are offering up two free downloads prior to the release of their debut album, Hey Selim! on 6th September.
Revere, as the name suggests, should be held in awe if this debut album is anything to go by. The London-based eight piece could well be ‘our Arcade Fire’, with a gigantic orchestral sound steeped in melancholy and melody, the album could easily provide the soundtrack to a Shakespearean tragedy. With the vocal depth of Jeff Buckley and the spine-tingling beauty of Geneva, the poetry of Revere matches the tone of the haunting music, with lines such as ‘How can I ask you to forgive me, when I can’t forgive myself?’ in I Can’t (Forgive Myself).
After a triumphant set at <strong>Standon Calling, Revere are fast becoming a must see band and you’re in lick for they support Hazel Mills at Bristol Fleece on 3rd September. Tickets cost £6 and are available from the Bristol Ticket Shop.

Fans can hear two of their best tracks, Maybe in Time and I Can’t Forgive Myself by clicking on the following links: Maybe in Time and I Can’t Forgive Myself.