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Do you whack on your favourite Christmas hits CD each year and ask yourself why the past couple of decades have produced no festive classics? Gone are the good old days of the 70s, 80s and early 90s when Slade, Wham and Mariah Carey burst onto the scene with timeless classics. Instead we’ve had The Darkness, Fat Les and a heap of crap girl bands trying to freshen the Christmas music bag with a new hit. However, credible indie acts have been quietly covering their favourite Christmas songs for years, whether its the Flaming Lips doing Little Drummer Boy, Richard Hawley covering Silent Night or Grandaddy rocking with Alan Parsons in a Winterwonderland. And some brave souls have even come up with their own album of Christmas songs – including Sufjan Stevens and Thea Gilmore. Now we have Welsh group Colorama (who play the 247 Magazine-sponsored Dreamboat Presents at Start the Bus, Bristol, on December 14) and Mancunian band Hurts releasing their own Christmas songs…which are both available for free!

Colorama’s three track EP ‘Cerdyn Nadolig’ (Christmas Card) is out today (December 6) and the title track is being given out for free – see link below.
Cerdyn Nadolig / Christmas Card by See Monkey Do Monkey

Meanwhile, Hurts have gone with the tongue in cheek title of ‘All I Want For Christmas is New Year’s Day’, which will be available for free download on iTunes on December 14 before it’s official release the following week.
‘All I Want For Christmas is New Year’s Day’ is very Hurts. It is happy yet dark and has a nostalgic Christmas feel whilst sounding very modern. Hurts have just recorded a video for the single, featuring a ‘special Hurts guest’.

Worth a listen – a nice change from the TOTP2 gang!