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Mike Skinner was on good form for this show, playing the crowd like a true pro. The event was sold out and the crowd was hyped ready for some old and new Streets action. It hardly seems as though they have been around for 10 years but it certainly showed in the quality of performance. It wasn’t long into the performance before Mr skinner decided to get into a bit of crowd surfing. They filmed a bit of this for possible video footage, so if you were there, keep your eyes peeled for any Streets video footage released. Funnily enough he managed to lose his pack that was strapped to his belt. The loving crowd searched around the dance-floor till it was found and returned. Being their last tour, it was slightly emotional knowing that would be their last performance in Bristol, and boy did they go out with a bang. Every tune went down well being from the new album or Streets classic material. At one point he had the whole dance-floor crouching on the floor ready to jump with the drop of the tune. At times it was as hectic as being in the middle of an all out rave, it was an immense atmosphere. Towards the end of the night, he was determined to jump off of the main stage and run through the crowd, to the back of the dance-floor and crowd surf back to the stage. Very brave move considering most of the crowd were absolutely steaming and very excitable. He pulled it off though just about, he very nearly hit the deck but applauded the crowd for getting his back when needed. The Streets are a much loved group and will be greatly missed. The show will leave all that attended with a great memory of them performing at their best.

Words: Ricky Ashman