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Shotboa – previously known as Twisted Edge – is single-handedly casting a dark and cinematic cloud across the world of electronic music internationally that leaves other producers from the producer-saturated South West running for their money. Hailing from Stroud and now living in Bristol, the artist otherwise known as Frankie Mercer is returning to tear up the electronic music scene internationally as Shotboa like a lion munching on a lamb after a career break. Fusing Dubstep, Neurofunk, Crossbreed and Trap together with achingly beautiful contemporary harmonies, Shotboa is an up and coming artist to watch out for.

Starting out as a jump-up DJ at the age of 14, Mercer has come a long way since he was a baby-faced youth. At the age of 17 he had 2 releases on Lick the Wrap records. While under the name Twisted Edge, Mercer had a further 14 tracks released which have sold on labels such as the prestigious Betamorph Records (Los Angeles), Monkeydub Recordings (Montreal) and Dirty Recordz (New York). He reached number 1 on Monkeydub’s top selling tracks on Beatport in 2012, with his tune The Surgeon. The producer has also had his tunes played out on several underground radio stations such as Sub FM (After Dark show and the Bun Zero Show), Dubstep FM, Filth FM and Bassface Radio.

Sharpening his claws at Access To Music College, Bristol; Mercer is dedicated to evolving and progressing his unique South West sound. Still taking influence from the D‘n’B sound and often working the famous amen break into his work, Mercer has worked hard to polish his leading edge dubstep/neuro/crossbreed/trap sound into a brooding set of masterpieces. Robotic yet enchanting, move over Frankenstein’s monster…

In his most recent work as Shotboa has produced a track named after the ancient Sanskrit concept of female energy residing at the base of the spine – Kundalini. Utterly listenable and catchy, the artist has collaborated with Bristol-based Heather Hughes to make a raw liquid/Neurofunk track with enchanting melodies layered over the top. Hughes’ mellifluous feminine singing voice is reminiscent of Kate Nash – if she was brought up listening to Jungle. Mercer plans to make another track with Hughes later this year alongside working on a music video for another new neurofunk/crossbreed track in the making and hopes to fill up his gigging calendar for the foreseeable future.

Check out the mix he has done for us below:

Out of Hand Flyer Pack Mix 018 – Shotboa by Outofhand on Mixcloud

Download the mix for free HERE

Mr. Carmack – Simpler
Swifta Beater – Choir Gang
Abstrakt Sonance – Blank It Out Ft. Ghette
DOK-Cgen – Impossible
Barron – Fat Bitch (Midnight Tyrannosaurus Remix)
Algoreythm – The Bomb Ft. Gadman Dubs
Axel Boy – Diamonds
iBenji – Hellraiser (Davip Remix)
Dubloadz – Wonk Steady
Sadhu – Uruk Hai
Dubloadz – Hot Dam
David Heartbreak – Rebel (Trollphace Remix)
Dubloadz – Redlining
Getter, Trampa – Bonesaw (Haunta Remix)
Algoreythm – All is fair in love and riddim
50 Carrot – Rio Rico
Encode & Valrus – Vow Of Silence
Rusty K – Last Of Us
Prototypes – Humanoid
Insideinfo – Metamorphosis
Shotboa – Kundalini (Feat. Heather Hughes)
Treo – Soldiers Feat 2shy MC
State of Mind & Nymfo – Put It On
Rust K – Wasteland
Task Horizon – Weave The Strands
Task Horizon Unimpossible (Feat. MC Spyda)
Stand Hight Patrol – The Big Tree
OneBYonce – Lover Ft. SevenEver
Agnostetics – Gold Magic
Danny Brown – Die like A Rockstar [Shotboa Bootleg]

Bookings: shotboamusic @ gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/shotboa